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Soumaya Keynes

is the Trade & Globalization Editor for The Economist.

Twitter: @SoumayaKeynes

Chad P. Bown

is Reginald Jones Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

Twitter: @ChadBown

Focus on US-China

102: Is Trump Beating the Chinese Economy?

Nicholas Lardy explains how the Chinese economy is faring thus far during the trade war.

Brownie Hsu / Pixabay

95: Is China a Currency Manipulator?

The history of China undervaluing the yuan, the challenge of identifying currency manipulation, and Trump’s formal designation.

Moerschy / Pixabay

96: Trump’s Next China Tariffs and Fears in the Global Economy

The US and global economies slow as Trump sets new tariffs for September and December 2019.

Markus Distelrath / Pixabay

Most Popular

66: Paul Krugman Talks Trade

The Nobel Prize winner joined to discuss NAFTA, China, wages, labor, Trump’s trade policy, and more.

Keynes, Krugman and Bown

98: What's Wrong with Germany's Trade Surplus?

Germany’s trade and current account surplus grew. The puzzle is why it did not go away.

Marcel Langthim / Pixabay

93: US Trade Policy Before Trump, with Ambassador Michael Froman

The former USTR discusses the Obama administration’s approach toward China and the WTO.

Chuck Kennedy/White House

74: Soybeans and the Trade War Fallout

As part of the ongoing US-China trade war, Chinese tariffs targeted soybeans, a major American export. After Soumaya visits some farms in Iowa, Keynes and Bown explain the impact of competition from Argentina and Brazil, as well as the yo-yo’ing of soybean prices during the ongoing conflict.

Keynes at an Iowa soybean farm, February 2019.

77: Happy Tariffversary

Who is paying for President Trump's tariffs? Reviewing the economic evidence to date on whether it is Americans or foreigners, one year on from the start of the trade war.

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