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Soumaya Keynes

is the Trade & Globalisation Editor for The Economist.

Twitter: @SoumayaKeynes

Chad P. Bown

is Reginald Jones Senior Fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.

Twitter: @ChadBown

Focus on US-China

Official White House Photo by Andrea Hanks

114. US and China Announce a Phase-One Deal

Trump's USTR briefs on what has been agreed on tariff cuts, Chinese purchases, and structural reforms.

William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum YouTube Channel
William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum YouTube Channel

107. Bombed Embassies and Document Leaks – How China Got into the WTO

Fraught negotiations finally culminate in China's 2001 WTO entry.

Moerschy / Pixabay
Moerschy / Pixabay
95. Is China a Currency Manipulator?

The history of yuan undervaluation, the challenge of identifying currency manipulation, and Trump’s formal designation.

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Keynes, Krugman and Bown
Keynes, Krugman and Bown
66. Paul Krugman Talks Trade

The Nobel Prize winner joins to discuss NAFTA, China, wages, labor, Trump’s trade policy, and more.

MrMiniBike / Pixabay
MrMiniBike / Pixabay
105. Aircraft Subsidy Disputes: How These Tariffs Are Different

The WTO authorizes new US tariffs on EU products in one of the biggest disputes ever.

photo by Chad P. Bown
photo by Chad P. Bown
113. How and Why Congressional Democrats Tweaked the USMCA

USMCA gets one step closer after Congressional Democrats, organized Labor, the Trump administration and Mexico strike a deal.

Keynes at an Iowa soybean farm, February 2019.

74. Soybeans and the Trade War Fallout

China's retaliatory tariffs target American soybean exports. Keynes visits Iowa farms, and they explain the role of Argentina and Brazil, as well as the yo-yo’ing of soybean prices during the conflict.

77. Happy Tariffversary

Who is paying for President Trump's tariffs?

Economic evidence to date suggests Americans are bearing the costs of the trade war.

Ryan McGuire / Pixabay
Ryan McGuire / Pixabay

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